LAPO Microfinance Bank Ltd: Massive Graduate Trainee vacancy


LAPO Microfinance Bank Ltd., in partnership with the German AFOS Foundation, and the German Catholic Entrepreneurs Association (BKU) is implementing a project co-financed by the German Government to strengthen LAPO’s capacity to promote qualitative growth and efficiently manage the quality of its services. Focus is on ensuring efficient management of resources, personnel development as well as improving LAPO’s capacity to provide further training to other microfinance institutions.

We are firmly committed to providing equal employment opportunities. We encourage all qualified persons to apply for posted positions. All advertised positions shall be on the website until they are filled.

One of the main components of the project is the Management Trainee Programme. It is designed to cover a period of twelve months broken down as follows:

Training Overview


  • On-the-job training (operations – Field, Branch, Region and Head Office)

3 months

  • Functional information and involvement in projects

2 months

  • Project Management and responsibility

2 months

  • Special training in the functional areas where the future job is planned

3 months

  • Formal training in the form of seminars and workshops on relevant management skills

2 months (upon resumption)

The project seeks to recruit trainees in the following areas of LAPO’s operations.

Key Positions and Job Summary

  1. Finance (Ref: LMGTF01)
  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of regional and branch accountants
  • Support the Chief Finance Officer in developing a robust financial strategy for the bank
  • Supervise the preparation of the bank’s annual budget
  1. Human Resource / Management Development (Ref: LMGTHR02)
  • Plan, direct, and coordinate human resource management activities of LAPO to maximize the strategic use of human resources and maintain functions such as employee compensation, recruitment, personnel policies, and regulatory compliance.
  • To identify all training needs of the bank and compile a list of all training programmes for management decision
  • To develop and manage a sustainable management development scheme for LAPO
  1. Rural Financing (Ref: LMGTRF03)
  • Conduct market research to determine and understand the needs of small, medium and large holder farmers which the bank seeks to serve.
  • Determine or device loan and credit products that would appropriately meet their needs
  • Ensure that the policies and procedures of granting agricultural loans are effectively communicated to all branches
  1. Savings Mobilization (Ref: LMGTS04)
  • Monitor savings mobilization and savings portfolio performances across branches and regions in relation to budget
  • Review branch reports with a view to ascertaining how well they are meeting up with client recruitment requirements
  • Work with Client Relations Unit to address complaints associated with issues around savings and taking necessary steps to minimizing such complaints
  1. Client Relations and Marketing (Ref: LMGTCR05)
  • Develop customer service strategy, policies and procedures for the bank
  • Ensure compliance with the bank’s policies and procedures in sourcing for clients and formation of unions
  • Visit branches, unions and council meetings to identify or confirm client needs and obtain feedback on level of satisfaction with existing products and services
  1. Operations Coordinator (Ref: LMGTC06)
  • Develop and manage the implementation of marketing strategies, plans and projects for new and existing products to meet customer needs
  • Ensure the creation of new businesses and customers for the company’s products and services
  • Oversee the maintenance of viable relationship with existing customers to satisfy their needs and keep them delighted, retained and committed
  1. Business Development (Ref: LMGTBD07)
  • Supervise and coordinate the activities of regional and branch accountants
  • Support the Chief Finance Officer in developing a robust financial strategy for the bank
  • Supervise the preparation of the bank’s annual budget
  1. Strategy (Ref: LMGTS08)
  • Support the head of strategy and business development in developing a robust business strategy for the bank
  • Initiate and execute market research
  • Participate in clients satisfaction survey and in the implementation of recommendations from the survey
  1. Risk Management (Ref: LMGTRM09)
  • Develop appropriate operational risk strategy and framework for the bank
  • Monitor Portfolio-At-Risk across branches and regions
  • Review Area Managers’ monthly reports
  1. General Services (Ref: LMGTGS10)
  • To handle the maintenance and oversight of the bank’s Assets and Premises.
  • Procure materials for the store
  • Manage store through the allocation of materials to staff and recording of materials allocated to departments.
  1. Communication (Ref: LMGTCO11)
  • Work collaboratively with a diverse staff team to create and manage cross-organizational, integrated marketing strategies.
  • Coordinate communications projects with clients and contractors for the development and production of educational event, promotional materials, web site production and other collaterals.
  • Provide writing and editing support for all out-bound communications including all promotional materials, website content, newsletters and the Bank’s annual reports.

General Requirements

  • The ideal candidate must possess either a B.Sc or HND from a reputable institution
  • Candidates are required to be between the ages 25 to 30 years old as at the date of application
  • Maximum of 3 years work experience. Fresh graduates are also eligible
  • A post graduate degree and/or relevant professional qualification will be an added advantage
  • Ability to use IT tools such MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc

Apart from the intensive academic training on general management, inputs on LAPO’s culture, strategy, structure and systems as well as on-the-job project management capacity building, the focus on professional training is to serve the purpose of future management responsibilities in the respective areas above.

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